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Obtaining a Proxy Account

What you need:

  • Valid UCHC ID
    See UCHC Public Safety to obtain or update the ID.
  • Library barcode on your UCHC ID
    If you haven't registered to be a library patron, come to the library circulation desk with your valid UCHC ID or use appropriate online form to get a library barcode.
    • Already a library patron
      If you've already registered with the library, you should have the barcode on the back of your UCHC ID (Figure 1). Make sure your library registration and UCHC badge are up to date. Library expiration dates vary depending on your patron group.
    • The proxy server Username and Password will both be your 14-digit barcode number.
    • Not a library patron
      Please allow at least three business days to get your account set up.
    • Check with our circulation department if you have any questions at (860) 679-3808.

      Figure 1

Proxy Forms

No need to fill out a form if you are currently registered, and an eligible patron, with UCHC library.

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