Obtaining a Proxy Account

What you need:

  • Eligibility
    Remote access to our library’s resources via our proxy is available only to the following people:
    • UConn Health faculty, staff, and students with a network logon
    • University of Connecticut faculty and students
    • Community or Affliated Faculty at UConn Health with an official faculty appointment

      Your name must appear on a list of eligible people sent to our Access Services staff.

      If you are a Community Faculty, you must have a faculty appointment from the appropriate UConn Health clinical department (e.g., orthopedics, family medicine etc.) and your name would then appear on one of these lists. (Working with a community faculty person does not make you eligible).

      If you are a Community Researcher, you must have prior approval through CICATS and your name must appear on our Community Researcher list.

    Unfortunately, our licensing agreements with publishers prevent us from making remote access to our online resources available to other library patrons even if you have a Library barcode. We would be held liable for licensing violations if we were to expand remote access beyond these very strict guidelines. Check with our Access Services department if you have any question about eligibility at (860) 679-3808.

  • Proxy Login
    If you have a UConn Health network logon, that is what you will use to access proxy. You do not need to register or renew your registration with the Library.

    If you are not a member of the UConn Health faculty, staff or students, you must register with the Library and use the Library barcode that is provided to you as well as your last name.

    Make sure your library registration is up to date. A reminder email is sent prior to your library registration expiration date. If you haven't registered for proxy access, come to the library information desk or use the appropriate online form to obtain a library barcode.

    After being contacted with your updated or new barcode information, it may take up to 3 days to process and activate your account.

At the Proxy Login Page, please enter:

UConn Health faculty, staff, and students - your network logon

All others - the Library barcode (without spaces) and your last name

Check with our Access Services Department if you have any registration questions at (860) 679-3808.

Proxy Forms

No need to fill out a form if you have a UConn Health network logon or are currently registered, and an eligible patron, with UConn Health library.

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