Mobile Device FAQs and Contacts

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The contacts listed below are for use by UCHC personnel only.

Questions re: Contact:

Mobile device doesn't turn on
Mobile device cannot connect to computer at all

Try a soft reset - see your device's manual
Make sure all connections are tight
Report hardware problems to your device's vendor
Mobile device operating system questions
Wireless Connectivity
Recommended devices

Computer Education Center (CEC).

Student Log

The UCHC Student Experience Log will be accessible through a mobile web browser on your mobile device. It will allow you to record aggregate data about your patient encounters.

Note: The Student Experience Log is only accessible by UCHC students and section leaders.

Downloading and installing programs

CEC instructions

Library content: InfoRetriever, Micromedex, Archimedes

Library Information & Education Services Dept.
860 679-2942 or
Most vendors can also be reached via email for technical support