Infrared Synchronization for PDAs

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Syncing with infrared

An infrared syncing device for PDAs has been installed in the Library. You may use this station to update applications such as AvantGo and ePocrates or to sync to your PC desktop for applications such as Outlook mail. This station does not support the initial installation of programs that must be installed through a computer.

Instructions for Palm PDAs

Basic PocketPC Configuration Configuration for Web Based Services (AvantGo, etc.)
Connecting to Infrared Device Compatibility Information

Initial Set-up for PocketPC 2001

1. From the PDA's home menu, click on Start, Settings then the Connections tab to get to the screen below. Click on the Modem icon.
2. Click on New Connection to enter setup menu.

3. In the Connection box, enter a name of your choice. Change Select a modem: to Generic IDA modem.
Click on Next to continue.
4. Enter any value into the Phone number section.
Click on Next to continue.

5. Uncheck Wait for dial tone before dialing.
Click on Finish to complete the setup.

6. A new entry will display as shown below with the name you entered in Step 3.

At The Infrared Station

Connect To The Infrared Device

Line up the infrared on your PDA with the Clarinet EtherIR infrared device prior to attempting to connect. The infrared beam emits from the arrowhead-shaped device. The range is from approximately 3 inches to 3 feet.

After completing the initial setup from above, you must do the following each time you wish to connect to the infrared device.

1. From the PDA's home menu, click on Start, Programs.
Click on the Connections icon.

2. Click on the icon with the name you
entered when setting up the IR Modem

3. Click on OK without entering User name or Password fields to establish a connection to the infrared device.

Configuration for Web Based Services
Because each web based service is different, the configurations for updating these services will vary and must be set within the software for that particular service. Prior to attempting to update a service not listed below at the syncing station, you may want to consult the service's web page for information on proper configuration.

Initial installation of these services must be done through a computer, with updates available through the infrared syncing station.


After establishing a connection to the infrared device (see Connect To The Infrared Device), and the "Connecting" window closes, click on OK in the upper right corner of the screen.

On the Connections tab (see image in Step 1 above), click on the AvantGo Connect icon.

The AvantGo server in the Server Settings box should be selected.

Click on the Sync All button.

After the AvantGo syncing window closes, click on OK.

At the Settings/Connection screen, click on X to close.

Compatibility Information

Windows 95/98/2000, Windows CE 2.1+, handheld and Palm-Size PCs, Linux OS and Psion EPOC.


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