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HIGHWIRE : an e-journal platform that keeps getting better.
by Arta Dobbs, M.S.L.S.
Collection Management Librarian

Highwire Press is an e-journal platform hosting 346 e-journals, for a variety of society publishers. The UCHC library subscribes to over 100 of these e-journals. Access to the most recent content is by subscription; however, Highwire is also the world's largest and fastest growing archive of free full-text life science research, with 646,501 free articles from 167 of those journals.

Highwire e-journals may be browsed alphabetically by title, publisher or topic using links located on the home page. Many other personalization features are available to users who take a moment to register for them. ETOC alerts provide notification that a new issue of a particular journal has just gone online. CITETRACK alerts are sent when new content matches criteria based on selected topics, authors and/or articles users want to track from personally selected journals. PDA alerts deliver table of contents, abstracts and full text material from personally selected journals.

Recently, a very interesting feature has been added. TopicMap is a graphical viewer and search tool enabling users to cross search all e-journals hosted by Highwire Press. “The intent is to give you a sense of context while navigating a large, tree-structured database.”
Clicking on the “TopicMap” link from the Highwire home page, opens a separate window with the graphical display as well as the search tool. The initial display covers 47,995 topics. Clicking once on any of the displayed topic buttons, moves that topic to the center of the display and exposes more topics that were previously minimized. If you “hover with your mouse cursor” over a topic (without clicking), you will see a popup window that gives the full topic name and the number of documents in the topic (if that count is greater than zero). Double clicking on any topic button will search Medline and then display a list of documents in your original browser window. Highlighted documents are available to users from the Highwire e-journal platform. A very useful helpscreen is available at :





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