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Electronic Journals FAQ
by Lorna Wright, MLS
Head, Technical Services Department

What’s the quickest way to find an article in an electronic journal?
From the library homepage , click on Ejournals in the middle column. Click the first entry on the next page, UCHC Electronic Journals , and enter adjacent title words in the search box. E.g. “annals of internal” will find Annals of Internal Medicine but “annals medicine” will not.

What’s the most reliable way to find an article in an electronic journal?
Search the journal title in the library catalog found on the library homepage by clicking on Library Catalog . In addition to finding the same link to the electronic journal that you would find on the Ejournal list, you will also find information about the print holdings, the limit on the number of users, the most recent issue online, and both alternate and earlier forms of the title.

How can I get help right now?
On weekdays between 8:30am and 4:30pm, call the Reference Desk at 860-679-2942. Nights and weekends, you can call the Circulation Desk at 860-679-2839. We’ll be happy to help you immediately.

Where’s the password?
When you encounter a request for a password, check either the catalog or the Ejournal list under the journal title. Look for a link called “Get the Password” that will take you to the password page at http://library.uchc.edu/mdconsult/ejnlpswd.html. This is only accessible from UCHC IP addresses.

What if I’m off campus and don’t have a UCHC IP address?
Use your library barcode and internet browser to set up proxy access. Instructions are under Technical Support in the left column on the library homepage.

Why are there titles on the Ejournal list that are not in the catalog?
The catalog includes all titles that are subscriptions of this library. The Ejournal list is longer because it also includes titles that are available through agreements with the main campus, statewide consortia and more extensive access to free journals.

What are all those links in PubMed?
When you look at citation results in PubMed, you’ll often see three buttons (see sample below). The most helpful link says “Link to Full Text” under a UConn Health Center logo. If you only see the UCH “View Print Holdings” button, click on it to search the catalog to find years we hold in print--you might be surprised to find electronic holdings also. Buttons in PubMed that do not say UConn Health Center were provided by the publisher and will often lead you to Pay-per-view access to the articles, although they may lead to free full text. The PubMed link system cannot be linked to some publishers; the lack of a link does not mean we don’t subscribe to the electronic journal. You may need to go to the catalog and the password page to retrieve your article.

Why can’t I see the links in PubMed on my computer?
PubMed doesn’t recognize you as a UCHC user unless you use the special URL on our homepage. You may bookmark the URL that includes the special UCHC link.

How do I retrieve full text while I’m searching databases?
LinkFinder is a new software we’ve installed to help you access the full text. If you’re searching in Ovid, your citations will list “UCHC Resources” on the far right. If you’re searching Web of Science, open the citation to find the link to “UCHC Resources.” Clicking on “UCHC Resources” will bring up either the full text directly or a page of possible locations. Many journals cannot be linked through LinkFinder, so always try the link to the “Library Catalog Title Search.”

What years are available online?
Both the Ejournal list and the catalog show the earliest year available to UCHC users. Publishers are adding older issues and we post the new starting dates if older issues are available to us. We’re also working on adding the most recent online issue to the catalog information. Generally you will find five years in electronic journal archives.

Why can’t I access all the older issues on the publisher’s site?
We may not have purchased the publisher’s older online issues. The years available to you are listed on the Ejournal list and the catalog. If you are interested in older issues that are not available, please send a purchase request to the library at http://library.uchc.edu/departm/techserv/form.html.

Can I use all those electronic journals in the Storrs list?
Not necessarily, but maybe. We don’t yet have an easy way to let you know whether the subscription at the main campus will include Health Center access. You can certainly try their links.

Can I use Google to find full-text?
If you put a long text string from the article title in quotes into Google, you just might be lucky enough to find the full text posted on a website.

What if I’ve tried all these alternatives and it still doesn’t work?
Please let us know. Call the Reference Desk at 860-679-2942 weekdays. On weekends, call the Circulation Desk at 860-679-2839. Or fill out a problem report at http://library.uchc.edu/comments/problemrpt.html and we’ll try to resolve your problem within 24 hours.








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