Winter 2003 Volume XVIII, No. 1

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The Director's Report

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New Full-text Databases available in the library

Can you locate an article electronically?

PDA News - Users group and wireless synching station

Pubmed Tips - "The Cubby"

Web Watcher - About Evidence Based Medicine

New Books

Dictionary of Medical Eponyms on the Web

Blast from the Past!

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A Dictionary of Medical Eponyms on the Web is a biographical dictionary of medical eponyms. It presents a survey of medical phenomena named for a person, with a biography of that person. Eventually, this database will include more than 15,000 eponyms and more than 6,000 persons.

You may find a particular person, by using the "List persons by last name"-function. Just click on the first letter of the person's last name. Alternatively you can find all persons linked to a particular eponym listed at the top of the eponym description.

You also may find a particular eponym, either by browsing through the categories or by performing a free text-search. In addition, all eponyms relevant to a particular person are listed in his or her biography.

Any given medical condition may have several eponyms associated with it. The database have chosen to list the most commonly used eponyms as main entries, with alternative eponyms linked to their respective main entries. When browsing or searching for eponyms, you can choose whether you want to list both main and alternative, or just main entries. When clicking on an alternative eponym, you are automatically sent to the main entry.



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