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Saving Search Strategies in Pubmed using the Cubby

PubMed introduced its Cubby service in fall of 2000. The Cubby allows you to store search strategies and update those searches as needed. To use the Cubby, you first must register. Start by clicking on the Cubby link found under PubMed Services on the blue sidebar. You will be prompted to enter a User ID and Password. To create one, click on the registration link for a quick, simple and free registration. In a matter of seconds you have your Cubby.

The Cubby page will open to the stored search section, but you will note on the blue sidebar other Cubby features to customize your Link Out preferences. (Consult the Help screens for more information on these features.) Your login lasts for 12 hours with a Log Out button on the blue sidebar.

Run a PubMed search to begin the Cubby storage process, once you have search results click on the Cubby link found on the blue sidebar. Your most recent search will follow you in. On the Cubby page (see Figure 1) your search strategy will appear as the default name for the search, you can edit this box for a cubby search name of your choosing. Then click on the Store in Cubby button directly below the search name box. The new search will appear in a numbered list with a date and time stamp. Please note, you can store up to 100 search strategies per User ID.

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