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Can you locate an e-journal article?

by Lorna Wright, MLS
Head, Technical Services Dept.

Finding an electronic version of a needed journal article sometimes requires more than two clicks of the mouse. There are even times when after a few mouse clicks, you still cannot find the article. This can sometimes be a frustrating process. We understood the problem, and we now have a solution.

The library has installed a new software package to help you find those electronic full text articles. The linking software called LinkFinder Plus from Endeavor Information Systems is designed to provide a bridge between the citation and corresponding full text.

You are probably already using the links in Pubmed which takes you either to the full-text article or to a description of our print holdings. With LinkFinder, you will now find similar links from the OVID Database and Web of Science.

When you search in OVID databases, you will find a link similar to PubMed. On the far right, next to each citation you will see "remote link." (See Figure 1) If you click on that link, you will see either the full text for the article or a page of other possible sources of the full text. Figure 2 illustrates the new window you will see when you click on "remote link".

(Figures 1 and 2 -- Click on image to enlarge)

In Web of Science, the link button marked SFX ( ) is located on the upper right hand corner of the citation. This button also takes you to either an article or a list of possibilities. In the future, the SFX button will be replaced by one marked UCHC Library Resources ( ).

The Linkfinder Plus resources page that appears when you click on the remote link button in OVID or SFX button in Web of Science offers you several options. The UCHC Library Catalog Journal Search will bring you to the catalog record which may contain another link to the online version of the journal and also shows you what volumes the library owns in print. The UCHC Electronic Journal link allows you to search for the journal title in our list of available electronic journals. At the bottom of the page you'll find a link to Interlibrary Loan forms.

For more information about this new service, stop by at the Reference Desk or call X2942.