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PDAs for the Class of 2006
by Evelyn Morgen, MLS
Associate Director

The future is here! The members of the University of Connecticut School of Medicine class of 2006 are required to purchase handheld computers (PDAs) before they begin their third year. This means they can begin their clinical rotations with a PDA loaded with useful resources. There will be no need to lug around heavy laptops, textbooks, or bulging pockets filled with paper reference tools. They are being prepared for practicing medicine in the 21st Century.

Library Support
To support students in making this transition to handheld computers, the library has put several resources in place. Each librarian on our staff has a PDA so they can assist students with content questions. (The IT department will provide technical support.) The library also purchased subscriptions to the following resources students can download at no charge:

· Micromedex or ePocrates drug database complete with drug interactions, dosages, adverse effects, and more.

· InfoRetriever database including the following content:
o Complete textbook Griffith’s Five Minute Clinical Consult
o Clinical guidelines & clinical calculators
o Cochrane Database abstracts
o Photographs such as poison ivy or lyme disease rashes

· MDConsult’s pocket version with medical news stories, FDA updates, and tables of content for dozens of journals.

Students can borrow a recommended PDA

· The library will have 8 iPaq Pocket PCs for use by 8 volunteer students starting in early May. All the slots were filled almost as soon as we announced this!

· Students will spend 3 hours in intensive training sessions learning how to download software, troubleshoot common problems, and navigate recommended software.

· At the end of the loan period (4 – 6 weeks), students will return the iPaqs to the library and receive a $30 gift certificate to the UCHC Bookstore.

· Those students will agree to help answer uncomplicated questions from classmates (within reasonable limits and as time permits).

Library PDA Web Page and Classes

· PDA Web Page – http://library.uchc.edu/pda/

· Classroom instruction on using PDAs

· Help with content questions

· Syncing station will be available soon

The staff has been preparing for this day for months now, and we are looking forward to working with students as they explore the new world of handheld computing.





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