Spring 2004 Vol. XIX, No. 2

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The Director's Report

PDAs for the Class of 2006

We're on the Move! Services during the Renovation.

New Links on the
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Pubmed Update

A UCHC Library Weblog

Web Watcher: Science-
Technology-Medicine Gateways

Library Classes: You Ask, We Deliver!

FDA launches Drugs@FDA

New Books in the Library

Pictures from the Library

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We’re on the Move!!!
Services offered during the renovation.

Access to print journals

1998 to the present – Access to these journals is limited to three hours each day, from 12:00 to 3:00pm. If you are unable to come during those hours, a library staff can get the journal for you. A schedule is set up for when the staff can pull journals for patrons. Check at the circulation desk for the schedule.

Pre-1998 journals – Access to these journals remains the same. The sub-basement level where this collection is housed is open whenever the library is open.

Photocopiers are available on the main level (by circulation desk), the sub-basement level where the pre-1998 journals are located, and in the journal stacks where current journals are housed. There is no photocopy machine in the upper level where the reference desk is located.

There are 8 computer terminals on the upper level of the library and 2 computers by the circulation desk. All computers have printing capabilities.

Reference Desk
The reference desk is located on the upper level of the library, by the bookstacks. The desk is open Monday through Fridays, from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. If you need assistance at other times, check with a staff member at the circulation desk.




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