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The Director’s Report
by Ralph D. Arcari, Ph.D
Director, Lyman Maynard Stowe Library


The project to renovate the entrance floor of the Library is ahead of schedule. There are three stages to this project. With the initial asbestos abatement project completed, the contractor has now started the first stage, creation of a new entrance, bathrooms, and a single point of service desk. This portion of the work is to be completed by August 1, 2004.

The second stage will be the computer classroom area in the library. This stage has just begun, again with an abatement program, and will also be completed by August 1st.

The third stage is the twenty-four hour study room which will be located where the present circulation desk is located. The work on this stage will start in late August and is to be completed by early December.

The progress of the renovation can be followed on the library homepage: http://library.uchc.edu. Here, there are photographs of the work in progress.

Liaison Program

An invitation was mailed to UCHC Departments offering the services of a liaison librarian. A liaison librarian would be available to attend departmental meetings and serve to:

· Explain the library homepage as the access point for all library holdings, electronic, print, multi-media, as well as library classes, courses and services.

· Provide training on search techniques for medical journal articles whether in e-journals or databases.

· Describe resources available for handheld computers, PDAs.

· Discuss departmental and program recommendations for library acquisitions.

· Identify appropriate information resources for grant-related research.

· Review steps necessary to obtain off-campus access to library-based e-resources.

· Detail the UCHC Faculty Publications Database, developed in the library with data starting in 1996.

Three departments have responded to this initiative. There were already librarians serving in a liaison relationship with UCHC programs. With the three departments who responded recently to this program, there are or will be library liaisons with Cell Biology, Complementary Medicine, Neurology, Nursing, Periodontology, Psychiatry, Signature Program, Women’s Health Center.

Because a substantial amount of library usage takes place online with the UCHC community accessing electronic resources available through the Library, the liaison program is important in maintaining contact with our customers. Encouragement of additional participants will take place through the Library Advisory Committee, broadcast messages and descriptions of the liaisons’ efforts.


Use of Library E-Resources and Faculty Productivity

A survey questionnaire was recently sent to the 450 full-time UCHC faculty regarding their use of electronic journals, databases and texts made available through the Library. Ninety-two responses were received, a twenty percent response rate.

There were three questions posed in this survey. The question on time saved will be the focus here. This question was worded as follows:
“What percent of your time do you estimate has been saved through your use of Library e-resources outside the Library, compared with actually visiting the Library to consult printed books/journals or to have a librarian in the Library complete a database search for you.”

Forty-two respondents, 39%, indicated that use of Library e-resources had resulted in their saving 30% or more of their time. The ability of researchers, educators and clinicians to remain at their place of work and retrieve Library-based information has changed the way work is conducted in academic health centers across the country. A time saving factor of a third or more at UCHC by almost half the respondents can be seen as an important contribution to improved self-productivity.





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