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Library Classes: You Ask, We Deliver!
by Hongjie Wang, MLS
Head, Information and Education Services Dept.

Library classes are available to UCHC affiliates only. To arrange for an individual or group session or to ask us to develop specific instruction for your affiliated students, colleagues or work group, call (860) 679-4051 or email a message to our work office at ref@nso.uchc.edu You may also send a fax to (860) 679-1068, or use our electronic registration form at http://library.uchc.edu/eduoff/regis2.html .

List of Library Classes

Advanced Internet - Learn how to use various search engines and directories efficiently and effectively (intended for those with considerable experience using the Internet).

CINAHL/PsycInfo - Learn how to access psychology, nursing, and allied health literature.

Electronic Textbooks and Journals - Learn which scientific research journals and full-text medical textbooks are available thru the UCHC Library Home Page and UCONN-Storrs Library Website and how to efficiently access these products from your UCHC desktop.

eMedicine - Learn about this unique database for use at the point of care, providing coverage of over 7,000 diseases and disorders. Other features include a large searchable collection of images (nearly 30,000); calculators, algorithms and decision tools; patient education database.

EndNote - Bibliographies made easy. Learn how to use this tool to search online bibliographic databases, organize the references and build lists of cited works automatically.

Evidence-based Medicine - Learn to search the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, the Best Evidence database and MEDLINE to locate the best available evidence to make clinical decisions.

MDCONSULT - Learn to search within any specific service area or throughout all of MD Consult simultaneously.

MICROMEDEX - Learn how to search for drug information using the powerful Micromedex system.

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) - Learn about medical applications you can add to your PDA. Software for both Palm and Windows operating systems will be discussed.

PubMed - Learn how to search MEDLINE directly for up-to-date citations from the National Library of Medicine's PubMed System.

Web of Science - Learn to how to search this important resource which covers life and physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.


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