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by Nancy Carter-Menendez, MLS
Information & Education Services Department

is an excellent way to keep up to date with new developments and changes in the Entrez PubMed system. The link to New/Noteworthy is located on the left side of the PubMed screen in the blue area under the heading Entrez PubMed. Each New/Noteworthy item contains an active link to an article in the NLM Technical Bulletin providing additional information regarding that particular PubMed enhancement.

Here is a sampling of some recent and very useful New/Noteworthy items:

Last Updated: April 30, 2003

Cancer Subset Available
April 28 - A new subject subset, Cancer, has been added to the Subset pull-down menu on the PubMed Limits screen.

The cancer subset can also be searched directly as cancer [sb]. For example:

physician patient relations AND cancer [sb]

The Cancer subset is a joint project between the National Cancer Institute and the National Library of Medicine.

***If you want to limit your search to the subset that contains the most recent ‘PubMed - in process’ references, those citations being prepared for entry into the PubMed database, you can use the same type of search strategy. For example:

arthritis AND in process [sb]

MeSH Database
April 28 - NCBI has created a new Entrez database, MeSH. MeSH replaces the MeSH Browser and provides additional search and display features. The MeSH database is available from the Search pull-down menu and from the PubMed sidebar.

The new MeSH database replaces the old MeSH Browser. Use the MeSH database to identify medical subject headings, subheadings, and publication types, build a search strategy using them and run the search in PubMed.

Another MeSH Term Added
April 25 - The NLM MeSH Section added another new MeSH descriptor, SARS Virus.

In addition to the medical subject heading Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (scope note: a viral disorder characterized by high FEVER, dry COUGH, shortness of breath (DYSPNEA) or breathing difficulties, and atypical PNEUMONIA. A virus in the genus CORONAVIRUS is the suspected agent), SARS virus has also been added as a new MeSH term (scope note: a species of CORONAVIRUS causing atypical respiratory disease (SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME) in humans. The organism is believed to have first emerged in Guandong Province, China, in 2002).

E-mail Available
April 23 - An e-mail selection was added to the Send to pull-down menu.

Now, after you browse through and evaluate your search results and select the citations you want, you can easily e-mail up to 500 citations.






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