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by Evelyn Breck Morgen, MLS
Associate Director

Do you have a PDA – either a Palm or a PocketPC handheld computer – or are you thinking of purchasing one? Join our new PDA users group to discuss your successes and frustrations with others here at the health center. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month in the History of Medicine Room in the library. Here are some of the issues we’ve discussed recently:

· Which is the best PDA? (ALWAYS a big debate!)

· Which PDAs are compatible with the UCHC wireless network?

· Projecting PowerPoint slides from your PDA

· How can you print from your wireless PDA?

· What are some of the most useful resources to download to your PDA?

· What PDA resources has the library purchased for your use?

· How can you sync your PDA in the library without a cradle?

· How do HIPAA regulations affect PDAs?

For more information about joining this group, see our PDA web page at http://library.uchc.edu/pda/ If you would like to have a library staff person visit your department for an in-service, please send an email to me at emorgen@uchc.edu.






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