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Selected New Books in the Library
by Helen Madden, MLS
Catalog Librarian

MUTTER MUSEUM OF THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS OF PHILADELPHIA. Author: Gretchen Worden. New York: Blast Books, 2002. WZ 28 M993 2002

The Mutter Museum, one of the last medical museums from the nineteenth centruy, contains an anatomical and pathological collection of unique specimens and models. Once deemed an essential part of medical education, many such collections have been discarded as science and technology have advanced. The Mutter Museum collection, however, has survived and grown, and is presented in this book of photographs, which explore the human body beneath its surface, as revealed by the surgeon's scalpel or the pathologist's knife. The wonder of the physical human condition is celebrated in these photographs; revealing a striking beauty of both body and spirit. Even in bodies broken and disfigured by disease or trauma, these haunting photographs give the viewer a sense of the dignity of humanity.



ETHICAL PATIENT CARE: A CASEBOOK FOR GERIATRIC HEALTH CARE TEAMS. Editor: Mathy D. Mezey. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002. WT 31 E84 2002

Interdisciplinary health care teams are increasingly used to manage patients with complex medical needs, such as elderly people in hospital settings. Because teams are comprised of individuals with varying views and responsibilities, conflict may be inherent within them. This book is designed to teach teams how to make effective group decisions, through the use of case studies which present ehtical dilemmas that team members may encounter.



GENDER, WORK STRESS, AND HEALTH. Editors: Debra L. Nelson, Ronald J. Burke. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2002. WM 172 G325 2002

This work explores how socially defined gender roles affect an individual's experience of stress and health at work. Topics examined include: occupational health among managerial men and women, gender differences in coping and social support, masculinity expectations and health, women and corporate restructuring, social-sexual behavior in the workplace, and the complex interaction between work and home dynamics in relationship to health.



PROTECTING STUDY VOLUNTEERS IN RESEARCH: A MANUAL FOR INVESTIGATIVE SITES. 2d ed. Authors: Cynthia McGuire Dunn, Gary L. Chadwick. Boston: CenterWatch, 2002. W 32.5 AA1 D823p 2002

This manual is designed to help biomedical and behavioral researchers stay abreast of current issues and ethical dilemmas. It makes them aware of the fundamental requirements, responsibilites, and ethical and regulatory issues realted to the conduct of research involving human subjects. CME Category 1 and nursing CE credit is available.


CAN DEATH BE A HARM TO THE PERSON WHO DIES? Author: Jack Li. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002. Shelved in Journal Stacks: Philosophy and Medicine, v. 73 (2002).

This question was raised by the early Greek philospher Epicurus, who argued that "death is at no time a harm to its victim because before death there is no harm and after death there is no victim." This book takes a contemporary philosophical look at the issue, and provides a defense of the position that death can indeed be a harm to the person who dies.







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