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What’s New in Audiovisuals in the Library
by Nancy Carter-Menendez, MLS
Information & Education Services Department

Visual guide to physical examination. The Barbara Bates physical examination series is now available on DVD. On Closed Course Reserve, request the DVD from circulation desk staff. The DVD player is located in the AV room near open reserves.
WB 205 V834 2002 DVD-VIDEO

Accurate gold castings. A step-by-step demonstration and discussion of each procedure to produce long lasting restorations. Techniques are videotaped with a head-mounted video camera.
WU 180 A234 1997 VHS

Clinical slide collection on the rheumatic diseases. Over 800 clinical, pathologic, radiologic and text slides from the American College of Rheumatology.
Copy Ordered

Cracking the code of life: the race to decode human DNA. Describes the race to decode human DNA and raises questions of whether or not we may want to know what's in our genes and whether decoding DNA will lead to cures. NOVA.
QH 447 C7 2001 VHS

Direct and indirect gold restorations. Three patient demonstrations: 1. preparation, impressions, temporization, cementation and finishing of a cast gold MO inlay; 2. classic Ferrier type Class V gold foil restoration; 3. conservative Class V gold foil. The video image is identical to what is seen through a head-mounted video camera.
WU 180 D598a 1998 VHS

Head-to-toe examination of the adult. Head-to-toe examination of the child. Head-to-toe examination of the neonate. Head-to-toe examination of the older adult. Head-to-toe examination of the pregnant woman. These five videos, designed to accompany Carolyn Jarvis' book "Physical examination and health assessment," clearly demonstrate the proper techniques for examining clients.
Temporarily Shelved at Open Course Reserve near Journals
WB 205 J38p 1999 VHS

Head to toe: the role of primary care physicians in detecting skin cancer. The purpose of this videotape program is to motivate primary care physicians to (1) routinely examine their patients' skin for lesions that could be skin cancer, and (2) learn how to diagnose and plan treatment for suspicious skin lesions.
WR 500 W545 1996 VHS

Observation of the human gait. Part I: the normal gait pattern viewed laterally. Part II: the normal human gait pattern viewed anteriorly and posteriorly. Part III: kinematic and kinetic analyses of the gait cycle.
WE 103 O345 1986 VHS

Occlusal adjustment of the natural teeth. The laboratory procedures with mounted casts including the performance of the diagnostic equilibration on mounted casts, and an actual occlusal adjustment performed on a patient. All procedures are shown through the use of a head-mounted video camera.
WU 440 O15 1995 VHS

Ophthalmic pathology: a study guide in four volumes. Vol. 1: diseases that affect the eyelid and conjunctiva. Vol. II: diseases of the cornea, iris, lens, sclera, ciliary body, choroid, and sympathetic uveitis. Vol. III: diseases that affect the retina, the optic nerve, and the orbit. Pathologic changes in the eye due to trauma, surgery, vascular diseases, and congenital anomalies. Vol. IV: tests recognition skills of the 275 histopathologic images featured in Vols. I, II, and III.
WW 140 O61c 1995 VHS

Red gold: the epic story of blood. From superstition to science, from bloodletting to synthetic plasma, this four-part series presents a history of humankind's understanding of the liquid that pulses through its veins. Based on the book "Blood" by Douglas Starr.
WH 100 R313 2002 VHS

Still life: the humanity of anatomy. This title is a humanist exploration of the unstated but powerful relationship between medical student dissectors and their cadavers. It is a conversation crafted from interviews with gross anatomy students, faculty, and a donor to the Willed Body Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch.
QS 130 S877 2001 VHS

Video atlas of human anatomy: internal organs. This tape features the thoracic, abdominal and reproductive organs. Each organ is shown in its natural location as well as in isolation, using a technique that enables the viewer to see a 360 degree view of the true shape of the structure without the distorting effects of gravity.
Copy Ordered








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