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PDA Support
by Evelyn Morgen, MLS
Associate Director

A major technological challenge here at the UConn School of Medicine was successfully met this year. Third year medical students were required to purchase their own PDAs and download specific databases for use during their clinical experiences. The library was charged with helping support the students by purchasing the recommended databases for downloading, and then helping the students learn how to use them.

To meet this challenge, the library updated its PDA Resources page with specific information for our students http://library.uchc.edu/pda/ . We noted which resources are required, and provided links. All the links on this comprehensive page were tested and updated. Our staff also created some additional specialized “help” pages that were posted by the Health Science Education Center on Blackboard. With our PDA page and the Blackboard help sheets, students have 24 hour access to step-by-step instructions so they can set up their own PDAs and install the required databases. The library also provided a self-service PDA Syncing Station in the library with a comprehensive notebook of detailed instructions for those students who do not have high speed internet access at home, or who preferred to set up their PDAs where there is staff to provide assistance.

Finally, because many third year students cannot get to the library during the day, we established a “PDA Clinic” on Tuesday evenings from 4:30 to 6:30 that is voluntarily staffed on a rotating basis. This has been very popular, and the librarians staffing it have helped dozens of students who had run unto problems they couldn’t solve, or who needed help getting started. We will be discontinuing this PDA Clinic when the Computer Education Center is staffed during evening hours, but it has served an important role.

It has been an exciting and rewarding project to provide PDA support, and we are pleased that the implementation of handhelds at the School of Medicine has been enhanced by our involvement. It is also encouraging to note that our staff has the expertise to provide this support so that we can all participate.


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