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STAT!Ref : NEW Features and New Look
by Hongjie Wang, MLS
Head , Information and Education Services

STAT!Ref, a database of about 25 medical books, offers several new features with a new look that started this summer. The feature of “My Stat!Ref” allows you to customize your STAT!Ref experience. To use this feature, click the “Sign in to My STAT!Ref” link on the upper left-hand corner to setup a profile. You may create profiles that allow you to change a few display options and settings to your preference.

Display Options under STAT!Ref Profiles
After creating a STAT!Ref Profile, users may change settings by clicking 'My STAT!Ref' in the gray toolbar beside Help.

Viewable Titles: Set the number of titles to display in the list of titles to search. This is the size in rows of the list box.

Invert the paths of SmartMatch Results: Choose to have the path to the document display from the title down to the document or from the document down to the title.

Local TOC: Choose to display the full table of contents for a title on the left when viewing documents in the title.
· Set the width as a percentage of page width for the left-hand table of contents.
· Choose to display the local table of contents for the document being viewed in a frame at the top of the document.
· Set the height as a percentage of content frame height for the local table of contents.

Logoff Behavior: Define the URL to go to when logging off or set the window to close.

New toolbar look
Links in the toolbar have been rearranged and some colors changed.

If you have any questions, please contact Hongjie Wang through email: wang@nso.uchc.edu





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