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The Director’s Report
by Ralph D. Arcari, Ph.D
Director, Lyman Maynard Stowe Library

Digital Access

The Library’s annual statistics for 2002/2003 are available on the Library homepage under About the Library>Library Departments>Administration. The section of this report that can be relied upon to demonstrate continual growth is Digital Access to the Library’s resources.

The Digital Access data in the 2002/2003 annual statistics are as follows:

No. of hits to electronic texts - 40,813
No. of hits to databases - 120,303
No. of hits to Lyman Catalog - 130,396
No. of hits to electronic journals - 155,059
No. of hits to Library homepage - 276,511
Total - 723,082

In 2001/2002, the total number of electronic access to Library resources was 541,357. The percentage increase this year was 33.5%

Because Library patrons are increasingly using Library resources remotely in their offices, classrooms or at home, greater visibility on part of library staff in UCHC departments appears reasonable and necessary in order to assist users in fully and efficiently using Library-based e-information. The Library liaison and outreach program is an initiative, as discussed in previous director’s reports, to accomplish this end.

Liaison/Outreach Program

Librarians are available to meet with the faculty and staff of those in UCHC departments, programs or committees to provide descriptions and updates on Library resources, hear user concerns, coordinate possible training needs and discuss recommendations for new Library acquisitions.

Librarian liaisons are currently working in the following areas:

Program/Department/Committee Librarian
1. Cancer Public Education Committee - Ralph Arcari
2. College Enrichment Program - Hongjie Wang
3. Integrative Medicine - Lorna Wright
4. Medical/Dental Preparatory - Program Hongjie Wang
5. Nursing - Robert Joven
6. Patient Education Committee - Alberta Richetelle
7. Problem-Based Learning - Kathleen Crea
8. Psychiatry - Judy Kronick
9. Residency Programs - Nancy Carter-Menendez
10. Signature Program - Evelyn Morgen
11. Women's Health - Evelyn Morgen

Those interested in receiving the services of a Librarian Liaison should contact Ralph Arcari, Director, L.M. Stowe Library: Arcari@nso.uchc.edu; 860/679-2547.

Wireless Access

Wireless access points have been installed in the Library and are currently being adjusted for strength and range. This installation is intended to facilitate Library patron use of wireless laptops and PDAs .

Sub-Basement Floor

The compact storage flooring in the center of the sub-basement stacks has been an obstacle course because of the raised rails on which the shelving carriages operated. New flooring has been installed to provide uniformity in the floor height.

28 August 2003







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