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Library Survey Results
LibQual+ 2002

by Evelyn Breck Morgen, MLS, Associate Library Director

Results are in! If you are one of the 335 faculty, students, or staff who responded to this web based library survey last March, your voice was heard. The focus of this national survey was the perceived level of service the library provides. Respondents were asked to indicate their minimum level of service, their desired level of service, and their perceived level of service for each of 25 questions. The resulting data measures the "gap" between your minimum and desired level, and your perceived level. We have received aggregated data from the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) for the UCONN Health Center Library, for the other 35 Academic Association of Health Science Libraries (AAHSL) who participated, and for all 164 ARL libraries who participated.

Here are two sample pages. The first is the "radar screen" PDF file for all 25 survey questions from UCHC, and second is the data file for those questions. As you can see, people are most pleased with our staff, and least pleased with our hours, our complete run of journals, and with "library as place." The full reports are available at the circulation desk for your review. We'll use these reports to guide us toward appropriate changes. Thanks to everyone for your time and interest!

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