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The Director's Report
by Ralph Arcari, PhD, MLS
Library Director

Planning for the renovation of the Stowe Library continues to proceed. The architectural firm of DuBose Associates has prepared renderings of the entrance and the central part of the main floor. The new entrance will be at the bottom of the circular stairwell leading from the UCHC academic entrance to the basement floor. The present entrance would become the door leading into the proposed twenty-four hour study room. A renovated main floor will also include a single point of service desk combining the present circulation and information services desks, and bathrooms.

A major expense associated with this renovation program is that of the Library air handling system. Because this system was poorly designed originally, a significant portion of the funds to be requested for renovation will have to be directed at heating, cooling and ventilation. Problems with the existing air and temperature controls include drafts in the high ceiling area, unbalanced temperatures and inadequacy of heat/cooling zone controls.

The costs for air handling will mean that Library renovation will take place in two stages. The first stage will limit renovation to the Library's main entrance floor.

Another major consideration in this proposed renovation is asbestos abatement. At the time when the Library was constructed, asbestos was used in the plaster ceilings. These ceilings will have to be removed when the air handling system is upgraded.

Because the downturn in the economy has affected State finances, funding approval for the implementation of Library renovation plans is going to be slow.

The Library in conjunction with the UCHC Office of Diversity is participating in the One Book Program for the Hartford area. The region's public library community and Greater Hartford Literacy Council sponsor this program.

They chose Edwidge Danticat's first novel, Breath, Eyes, Memory, for discussion. Ms. Danticat's novel is semi-autobiographical and describes the lives of four generations of Haitian women as they cope with the cultural conflicts between New York and the rural areas of this island. The UCHC One Book Program will take place on Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 4:30 p.m., in the Dental Dean's Conference Room. The discussion leader will be Dr. Richard Reynolds, emeritus professor, English Department, University of Connecticut.

Copies of Ms. Danticat's book are available in the UCHC library and in public libraries and bookstores. Attendees are requested to register with the UCHC Call Center at 679-7692 in order to facilitate event planning. For more information about the One Book Program see the Capital Region Library Council's site: http://www.crlc.org/onebook/onebook.html

The Library will also be co-sponsoring with the UCHC Women's Health Initiative a presentation on complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Karen Prestwood will be the presenter. Her talk will take place on Thursday evening, October 10 in the blue auditorium. A broadcast message with further details will be sent out toward the end of September, and fliers will be available in the library.


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