Exercise 4. Health Outcome Data—Using Cancer Query Systems


Question 1: In Connecticut, how many white females of ages up to 64 died of breast cancer in 1999 (shown in data table format)?


1. Go to Cancer Query Systems, at http://seer.cancer.gov/canques/
2. From left side bar, select (1)“SEER Incidence & US Mortality Statistics.”
3. Select (2)“U.S. Mortality Age Adjusted Rates, Individual States, 1990-1999.”
4. From the (3)“Report Type” box, select “Table”.
5. Click on (4)“Next".



1. Click (1)“State” to select “CT”
2. Click (2)“Update.”
3. Click (3)“Site” to select “Breast” as the cause of death
3. Click (2)“Update.”
4. Repeat theprocedure to select other variables.
5. Click (4)“Next”
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To define the table:
1. From “Report Variables,” highlight a (1)variable (i.g. State).
2. Click on (2)“Row” to put the variable into (3)“Row” box.
3. Repeat the procedure for other variables (i.g. “Year of death”).
4. Click (4)“Execute” to generate the table results.
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Question 2:
In Connecticut, what is the lung cancer rate for females between ages of 45-49 in 1999?
Answer is in the lecuture >>
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