Tips on Searching the Natural Database



There are three ways to look for information.


Search Option 1:


You can type the name of a product in the first section, “Search for a Natural Medicine”.  For example, if you type the word “ginkgo” in this section, you’ll be searching the entire database for all products that list ginkgo in their common names.  The result will be a listing of all three ginkgo monographs (ginkgo leaf, ginkgo leaf extract, and ginkgo seed), and a lot of brand name products that have “ginkgo” as a part of the product name.


Search Option 2:


A second way to search is the “Keyword Search”.  The Keyword Search is a very powerful tool for searching the Natural Database.  In this section, all of the boxes for the 16 fields are checked as a default.  This will give you the broadest search of the Database by checking every field.  You can narrow the search for very specific occurrences by deselecting boxes.  For example, say you want to know which herbs and dietary supplements should be avoided by people with diabetes.  Make sure the “Interactions with Diseases or Conditions” box is checked and let it be the only box checked. Type in the word “diabetes” in the text box below.  Click on the “Keyword Search” button.  In this case, you’ll get a list of natural medicines that have the word diabetes in the section called “Interactions with Diseases or Condition”.


Search Option 3:


A third way to find the products is at the bottom of the “Search the Database” page.  You can use the Alphabetical Listing to scroll through the thousands of products that are listed in the Natural Database, and click on the one you want to read.  This is especially helpful when you aren’t sure of the exact spelling of a product.  By scrolling through the alphabetical listings, you’re most likely to find your product using this search.  Click on any word to view that monograph, then using the Back button at the top of your Web page will toggle you back to the alphabetical listing so you can choose and view other monographs.


You’ll find a convenient Help button with each search option with more information on customizing your searches. 


If you have any questions, please call the Reference Desk at 679-2942 or email to: