Donating Books and Journals to the Library Collection

The users and staff of the UConn Health Center Library continue to be grateful for the generosity of individuals and departments who have enriched the collection through monetary donations and gift materials. We welcome monetary gifts to support our collections, programs, and facilities. Financial contributions or purchases of new materials can be made in memory of family members, colleagues, and friends or to recognize special individuals. Please call the Collection Management Department listed below if you would like to donate to the library collection.

Historical/Rare Books
The library is gradually building a significant historical collection through generous gifts and donations. We appreciate the donation of pre-1900 historical materials. We can also refer you to the Hartford Medical Society Historical Library which is located adjacent to the Health Center Library.

Recent books
The library accepts donations of books that have been published within the most recent five years. Newly published books are especially welcome.

We appreciate donations of print journal issues which fill gaps in our collection. We can research the titles for you, or you may search our catalog at to discover issues which we are missing. Because of space constraints, we cannot accept any journals except those that fill gaps.

The Library's use of gift materials
Material donated to the library becomes the property of the library and will be used or disposed of as appropriate. Due to space limitations and a shift toward electronic resources, we are accepting and retaining fewer print materials. Recent books which are duplicate copies are made available to medical students.

Procedure to give items to the library
Please contact the Collection Management Department at 860.679.4058 when you have materials you would like to donate. If the library can accept your materials, it will be your responsibility to arrange for delivery of the gift items to the Circulation Desk whenever the library is open. Check the library website or call 860.679.2839 for library hours.

Letters of acknowledgment
If a letter of acknowledgment is needed, you will be asked to leave your name and address with the materials. The library will provide a letter including a count of the items donated if requested. A copy of a donor-supplied list may be attached. The library is legally prohibited from providing tax appraisals for gifts. Donors wishing to take a deduction from their annual income for tax purposes may want to consult IRS Rules and Regulations or contact a tax expert for specific questions.

Thank You!
Thank you for considering a gift to the Health Center Library. Excellent medical care depends on comprehensive, current medical information.

Contact Information

Monetary donation Library Director, Janice Swiatek
Phone: 860.679.3323
Gift of current or historical materials Collection Management, Lorna Wright
Phone: 860.679.4058