Theses on Digital Commons

DigitalCommons@UConn is an institutional repository for the University of Connecticut, managed by the UConn libraries. The institutional repository is a digital storage site for the scholarly output of the university that includes theses, articles, conference proceedings, working papers, presentations, and audio and video files.

Your thesis is a significant intellectual achievement. When it is in the repository, it will be available for the world to see. After graduation, whether you are applying to a graduate school or for a job, your efforts will be assisted when you present links to your work located in the university's repository. DigitalCommons@UConn ensures the preservation of your work and maintains the url for your document.

Graduate students submitting theses or disserations in compliance with conferral requirements should follow instructions provided by the Graduate School for uploading these documents to the UConn DigitalCommons. For questions regarding these requirements, the following contacts are provided by the Graduate School:

For assistance with the Master's Degree, 6th Year, and Certificate Programs: Sandra Cyr, Phone: 860-486-0989 Fax: 860-486-6739

For assistance with the Doctoral Degree Program: Luba Bugbee, Phone: 860-486-0978 Fax: 860-486-6739

The Graduate School staff can also answer questions regarding corrections and resubmission of theses and dissertations as well as provide information about the status of submissions. All other questions regarding the UConn DigitalCommons, either development questions from faculty or your staff or technical questions, can be sent to