Journal Selection Procedures

Requests for new journals for the library collection are collected and then considered in August of each year, so that orders may be placed for the beginning of the subscription year in January. You may use this form to request a new journal.

A spreadsheet is created and kept up to date as requests are received until August. During that year, these factors are gathered for each title requested:

Requesters name, department affiliation and date requested
Availability at Storrs and other libraries
Cost of the journal and the start date of the journal
How many interlibrary loan requests for articles from the journal
Availability at the major document delivery suppliers
Has the journal been indexed in the following :
Index Medicus
Science Citation Index
Psychological Abstracts
A sample journal issue is obtained from the publisher, in order to check the editorial boards as well as the subject content.

In September, the completed spreadsheet is discussed in Library Council which includes all librarians. All factors listed above are considered in the review process. The list is submitted to the September Library Advisory Committee meeting for ordering decisions which must be made before October 1. On October 1, the new orders are sent to the subscriptions vendor to begin with the January issue.

Many titles will be added to our Document Delivery service until usage can be asssessed. Search in the library catalog or in OneSearch to determine if a title has been made available via Document Delivery, electronically, or in print.