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This list contains the journal titles available on document delivery. Five articles per title per year may be requested without a fee by faculty, staff and students of the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Article requests that exceed the free limits will be billed.
Request forms are available in the Library or online.

Years in (parentheses) are available on Document Delivery.

Year + e-journal platform name indicates current electronic availability to UCHC……click on link to access e-journal.  


Academic Psychiatry (1992-1997) 1998+ Highwire Press

Acta Crystallographica (1992-2003) 2004+Synergy

Acta Neurochirurgica (1992-1997) 1998+ SpringerLink

Acta Neuropathologica (1992-1997) 1998+ SpringerLink

Acta Radiologica (1992-2004)

Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry (1997-2004)

Advances in Child Development and behavior (1997-2004)   

Advances in Chromatography (1997-2004)

Advances In Enzyme Regulation (1992-1994) 1995+ ScienceDirect

Advances in Genetics (1997-2004)

Advances in Health Education and Promotion (1997-2004)

Advances in Protein Chemistry (1997-2004)

Advances in the Study of Behavior (1997-2004)

Adverse Drug Reactions (1992-2002)

Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (1992-2004) missing issues only

Ambulatory Pediatrics (2001-2004)

American Journal of Critical Care (1992-2004)

American Journal of Emergency Medicine (2003-2004)

American Journal of Hematology (1997) 1998+ Wiley

American Journal of Medical Quality (1992-2004)

American Journal Of Neuroradiology (1992-2000)

American Journal of Physical Anthropology (1997) 1998+ Wiley

American Journal of Physical Medicine&Rehabilitation  (1992-2004)

American Journal of Preventive Medicine (1992-1997) 1998+ ScienceDirect

American Journal of Reproductive Immunology (1992-1999)  2000+Synergy

American Journal of Rhinology  (1992-2004)

American Journal of Sociology (2004)  1895+ JSTOR

American Journal of Transplantation (2001-2004)  

American Journal Of Veterinary Research (1998-2004)

American Scientist (1996-2004)

American Sociological Review (2004) 1936+ JSTOR

Annals of Behavioral Medicine (1992-1998) 1999+ print subscription

Annals Of Human Genetics (1996) 1997+ Synergy

APMIS (1997-1999) 2000+ Synergy

Archives of Andrology (1998-2004)

Archives of Family Medicine (1992-1998) missing issues – ceased 2000.

Archives Of Microbiology (1992-1994) 1995+ SpringerLink

Archives of Psychiatric Nursing (1992-2004)

Archives Of Toxicology (1992-1995) 1996+ SpringerLink

Archives Of Virology (1992-1996) 1997+SpringerLink

Art Therapy (1998-2004)

Artificial Organs (1992-1998) 1999+Synergy

Arthroscopy (1992-2004)

Autoimmunity (1997-2004)

Basic Research in Cardiology (1998.) 1999+ SpingerLink

Behavioral Neuroscience (1992-1997) 1998+PsycArticles

Biochemical and Molecular Medicine (1995-1997) 1995-1997 ScienceDirect

Bioconjugate Chemistry (2000-2004) 1990-1999 ACS Archives

Bioelectrochemistry (2000+ScienceDirect)

Bioelectrochemistry and bioenergetics (1992-1994) 1995-1999 ScienceDirect

Bioelectromagnetics (1992-1996) 1997+Wiley

Biological Chemistry ( Hoppe-Seyler) (1998-2004)

Biological Trace Element Research (1999-2004)

Biology of Reproduction (1992-1998) 1999+ subscription

Biomacromolecules (2000-2004)

Biomedical chromatography 1997+ Wiley

Biometrics (1992-1999) 2000+ subscription 1999+Synergy

Biopharmaceutics and Drug Disposition (1992-1996) 1997+Wiley

Biopolymers (1992-1995) 1996+ Wiley

Biotechnology and bioengineering Can’98 1996+Wiley

BJOG:International J of Obstetrics & Gynecology (v.110:Suppl.20(2003:April)this issue only)

Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis (1992-2004)

Blood Pressure Monitoring (1996-2004)

Brain and Cognition (1992) 1993+ScienceDirect

Brain and Language Can”98 1993+ScienceDirect

Brain Research Bulletin CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

British Homeopathic Journal (1992-2001) on SD but no UCHC sub

British Journal of Nutrition (1998-2004)

British Journal of Pharmacology (1992-1996) 1997+Highwire-NPG

British Journal of Psychiatry 1992-1996, v.182:no.6(2003:June)—current issues are temporarily down.

Calcified Tissue International CAN’98 1997+SpringerLink

Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharaceuticals (1996-2004)

Cancer Chemotherapy And Pharmacology (1992-1996) 1997+SpringerLink

Cancer Detection And Prevention (1995-2004)

Cancer Gene Therapy (1994-1998) 1999+ Nature PGSJ

Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII. (1992-1995) 1996+SpringerLink

Cancer Investigation (1998-2004)

Cancer Journal from Scientific American (1995-2000)

Cancer Journal (Sudbury,MA) (2000-2004)

Cancer Letters (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Cancer Treatment Reviews  (1996-2004)

Capitation Rates & Data (1995-2004)

Carbohydrate Research (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Carcinogenesis CAN’98 1997+Highwire-OUP

Cardiovascular nursing (1992-2004)

Catheterization & Cardiovascular Diagnosis (1992-1996) 1997+Wiley

Cell and Tissue Research  CAN’98 1996+SpringerLink

Cell Biochemistry and Function CAN’98 1996+Wiley

Cell Calcium (1998-2004)

Cell Death & Differentiation  (1992-1996) 1997+NaturePGSJ

Cell Transplantation (1992-2004)

Cellular Signalling (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Chemical Senses (1992-1997) 1998+OxfordUP/Highwire

Chemico-Biological Interactions (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Clinica Chimica Acta (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology  (1992-2004)

Clinical Chemistry and laboratory medicine (1999-2004)

Clinical Cornerstone (1998-2004) any missing issues

Clinical Imaging CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Comparative Medicine (2000-2004)

Comptes rendus des seances de la Societe de biologie et des ses filiales  (1997-2004)

Computers in Human Behavior CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Critical Pathways in Cardiology  (2002-2004)

Critical Reviews In Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems (1992-2004)

Crystallography Reports (1997-2004)

Crystallography  Reviews (1994-2004)

Current Problems In Cancer (1996-2004)

Current Opinion in Cosmetic Dentistry (1993-1997) ceased 1997

Current Opinion in Dentistry (1992)

Current Opinion in Periodontology (1993-2004)

Cytometry  CAN’98 1997+ Wiley

Dental Advisor (1992-2004)

Dental Assistant Journal (1998-2004)

Dento-Maxilo-Facial Radiology (1992-2004)

Development and Comparative Immunology CAN’98 .1995+ScienceDirect

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Diabetes Reviews (1992-1998) ceased 1999

Diabetologia CAN’98 1996+SpringerLink

Disease Management Advisor (1995-2004)

Drug Design and Discovery (1997-2004)

Drug Metabolism Reviews (1992-2004)

Endocrine Research  (1992-2004)

Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry (1998-1999)

European Journal of Clinical Chemistry & Clinical Biochemistry (1998 only – t.c.)

European Archives of Oto-rhino-laryngology (1997) 1998+SpringerLink

European Journal of Dental Education  (1997-1999) 2000+Synergy

European Journal Of Immunogenetics (1996-1997) 1998+Synergy

European Journal Of Neuroscience (1992-1997) 1998+Synergy

European Journal of Nuclear Medicine (1996-1997) 1997+SpringerLink

European Journal Of Pediatrics (1992-1996) 1996+SpringerLink

European Journal of Pediatric Dentistry (2000-2004)

European Journal of Personality CAN’98 1997+Wiley

European Journal Of Pharmacology (1992-1994) 1995+ ScienceDirect

European Journal of Radiology CAN’98  - 1995+ScienceDirect

Evidence Based Dentistry 1998+NaturePSJ

Evidence-Based Dental Practice (2001-2004)

Evidence-Based Mental Health (1998-2004)

Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology (1996-2004)

Experimental Gerontology CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Experimental Parasitology CAN’98 1993+ScienceDirect

Fems Microbiology Letters (1992-1994)1995+ ScienceDirect

Gene Therapy (1994-1996) 1997+Nature PSJ

General Pharmacology CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Genome Research (1995-1997 any  missing issues) 1997+subscription Highwire

Health Care Supervisor (1997-2004)

Health Physics (1998-1999) 2000+OVID-LWW

Health Policy (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Health Progress (1998-2004)

Health Services Research (2003-2004)

Health Technology Trends (1998-2004)

Hematological Oncology CAN’98 1997+Wiley

Hemoglobin (1998-2004)

Hereditas CAN’96 1993+Synergy

Hematology Reviews and Communications CAN’94  (1995) ceased 1996

Histochemistry (1992-1995)

Histochemistry  and Cell Biology 1996+SpringerLink

Homeopathy (2002-2004) on SD but uchc no sub.

Hospital Physician (1998-2004)

Human Genomics (2003-2004)

Human Immunology CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Immunology Letters (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Inflammatory bowel diseases (1995-1999) 2000+print subscription

Inpharma (1992-2004)

International Archives Of Occupational And Environmental Health (1992-1996) 1997+ SpringerLink

International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

International Journal of Group Psychotherapy (1997-2004)

International Journal of Health Planning CAN’98 1997+Wiley

International Journal of Immunopharmacology CAN’98 1995+SciencedDirect

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry CAN’97 1995+ScienceDirect

International Journal of Neuroscience (1992-2004)

Internet Research (1998-2004)

Japanese Journal of Cancer Research (1992-2004)

Japanese Journal of  Physiology (1992-2004)

Journal of Advancement In Medicine (1996-1999) ceased 1999

Journal of Allied Health (1998-1999) 2000+print subscription

Journal of Assisted Reproduction And Genetics (1992-1997) 1998+Kluwer

Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics (1998-2004)

Journal of Biotechnology (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Cardiovascular Diagnosis And Procedures (1996-2004)

Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy CAN'98 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Child  Neurology (1992-2004)

Journal of Chromatographic Science  (1998-2004)

Journal of Chromatography A (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Chromatography B (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (1995-2004)

Journal of Clinical Apheresis CAN’98 1997+Wiley

Journal of Clinical Child Psychology (1992-2001)

Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology (2002-2004)

Journal of Clinical Laboratory  Analysis CAN’98 1997+Wiley

Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology (1992-2004)

Journal of Clinical Ultrasound (1996) CAN’96 1997+Wiley

Journal of Comparative Pathology (1998-2004)

Journal of Comparative Physiology A (1992-1995) 1996+SpringerLink

Journal of Comparative Physiology B (1992-1994) 1995+SpringerLink

Journal of Computational Neuroscience (1994-1996) 1997+Kluwer

Journal of Controlled Release (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Dentistry For Children (1992-1998) 1999+ print subscription

Journal of Early Adolescence (1992-2004)

Journal of Enzyme Inhibition (1997-2004)

Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice (2001-2004)

Journal of Experimental Child Psychology CAN’98 1993+ScienceDirect

Journal of Experimental Zoology (1992-1996) 1997+Wiley

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (1997-2004)

Journal of General Internal Medicine (1992-1996) 1997+Synergy

Journal of General Microbiology (1992-1993) title changed 1994 to Microbiology

Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (1996-2004)

Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry And Neurology (1992-2004)

Journal of Gynecologic Surgery (1998-2004)

Journal of Hand Surgery (2003-2004) awaiting activation on ScienceDirect

Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved (1992-2004)

Journal of Human Virology (1997-1999) 2001-2002 print sub….ceased with v.5:no.1 (2002)

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Investigative Surgery (1996-2004)

Journal of Liquid Chromatography (1992-2004)

Journal of Maternal Fetal Medicine (1992-1996,2001-2004) 1997-2000 Wiley

Journal of Medical And Veterinary Mycology (1996-2004)

Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology (1998-2004)

Journal of Medical Humanities (1998-1999) 2000+Kluwer

Journal of Medical Virology  CAN’98 1997+Wiley

Journal of Microbiological Methods CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Microencapsulation (1996-2004)

Journal of Microscopy (1998-1999) online has several missing issues,

Journal of Molecular Structure (1998) missing online issues 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Morphology CAN’98 1997+Wiley

Journal of Neural Transmission (1996-1997) 1998+SpringerLink

Journal of Neuroimmunology (1992-1998) 1999+ subscription ScienceDirect

Journal of Neurologic Rehabilitation (1997-2004)

Journal of Neuro-oncology (1992-1996) 1997+Kluwer

Journal of Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences  (1992-1997)1998+Highwire

Journal of Ocular Pharmacology & therapeutics  (1998-2004)

Journal of Oral Rehabilitation (1998-1999) missing issues 1996+Synergy

Journal of Pathology  (1998-1999) missing issues 1997+Wiley

Journal of Pharmacological & Toxicological Methods CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of Physiology(Paris) CAN’98 1995+ ScienceDirect

Journal of Psychopharmacology (Oxford-Sage) (1992-2004)

Journal of Receptor and Signal Transduction (1998-2004)

Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (1992-1994) 1995+MDConsult

Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography (1992-2004)

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (1992-2004)

Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System  (1998-1999 )    1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of the  Neurological Sciences (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Journal of the Optical Society of America : A&B (1998-2004)

Journal of Theoretical Biology (1998-1999) 1993+ScienceDirect

Journal of Thoracic Imaging (1996-2004)

Journal of Tropical Pediatrics (1996-1999) 1999+OxfordUP

Journal of Vestibular Research (1992-2004)

Journal of Virological Methods (1992-1995) 1995+ available on ScienceDirect

Kidney International (1992-1997)  1998+Synergy

Laboratory Animal Science (1996-1999) title change to : Comparative Medicine

Lancet Infectious Diseases (2001-2004) 2001+ScienceDirect

Lancet Neurology (2002-2004)

Lancet Oncology (2000-2004) 2000+ScienceDirect

Lasers in the Life Sciences (1998-2004)

Letters in Applied Microbiology CAN’98 1997+Synergy

Magnetic resonsance imaging (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Magnetic resonance in medicine (1992-1998) 1999+Wiley

Maturitas (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Matrix Biology CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing (1998-2004)

Medical and Pediatric Oncology CAN’98 1997+Wiley

Medical Anthropology (1997-2004)

Medical Engineering and Physics CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Microbial Pathogenesis (1992) 1993+ScienceDirect

Microbiology ( 1994-1999) 2000 + subscription – 1997+Highwire

Microcirculation (1992-2004)

Microscopy Research and Technique CAN’98  1997+Wiley

Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences (1992) 1999+ subscription 1993+ScienceDirect

Molecular Aspects of Medicine (1992-1994)1995+ScienceDirect

Molecular Imaging (2002-2004)

Mutation Research (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology (1992-1995) 1996+SpringerLink

Neurocase (1996-2004)

Neuromuscular Disorders CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Neuroradiology CAN’98 1997+SpringerLink

Neuroreport / (1993-1995 Only)  1996+ current print subscription

Neuropeptides (2000-2004)

Neurotoxicology (1992-2000) 2001+ScienceDirect

New York State Dental Journal (1992-1996 any missing issues) 1997+ subscription

Nuclear Medicine and Biology  CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Nutrition and Cancer (1998-2004)

Obstetrics and Gynecology (2004 only)

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage (1998-2004)

Osteoporosis International (1992-1997) 1997+SpringerLink

Patient Focused Care  (1998-2004)

Parasitology Today (1992-1994) 1995-2000 ScienceDirect

PCR  Methods and Applications (1991-1995 any  missing issues)

Pediatric Surgery International (1997) 1997+SpringerLink

Philosophical Transactions : Biological Sciences (2003-2004)

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics (1992-2004)

Photochemistry and Photobiology (1998-1999) 2000+BioOne

Physics in Medicine and Biology  (1998-2004)

Plasmid  CAN’98 1993+ScienceDirect

Postgraduate Radiology (1996-2004)

Progress in Brain Research (1992-2004)

Progress in Cardiovascular Nursing (1992-2004)

Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, And Essential Fatty Acids (1992-2004)

Protein Expression and Purification (1992-1999)

Protein Science (2003-2004) 1 year open access rolling wall  1992+Highwire

Psychiatric Genetics (1992-2004)

Psychiatry Research (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Psychology and Health (1997-2004)

Psychoneuroendcrinology  CAN”98 1995+ScienceDirect

Psychopharmacology (1992-1996) 1997+SpringerLink

RDH: National Mag. Dental Hygiene Professionals (1992-2004)

Regional anesthesia  (1992-2004)

Renal Failure  (1998-2004)

Respiration Physiology CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Resuscitation (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Reviews In Medical Virology (1992-1996) 1997+Wiley

RNA (1995-2004)

Same Day Surgery  (1998-2004)

Schizophrenia Research (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice (1992-2004)

Seminars in Hearing (1998-1999) 2000+Thieme

Seminars in Liver Disease (1992-2000) 2000+Theime

Seminars in Surgical Oncology (1992-1996) 1997+Wiley

Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis (1992-1999) 2000+Thieme

Seminars In Urology (1992-1995)

Seminars In Urologic Oncology (1996-2004)

Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology (CAN’98) 1997+SpringerLink

Somatosensory & Motor Research (1998-2004)

Stem Cells (1992-2004)

Structure (1993-missing issues only) 1994 + ScienceDirect

Swiss Journal of Psychology (1994-2004)

Systematic And Applied Microbiology (1996-2004)

Techniques In Orthopaedics (1996-2004)

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (1992-1999) 2000+subscription

Therapeutic Recreation Journal (1992-2004)

Thrombosis Research (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Thyroid (1992-1998) 1999+ subscription 2000+IngentaSelect

Tissue Engineering (1995-2004)

Transfusion Science (1998-2000)

Transfusion and Apheresis Science (2001-2004)

Trends in Parasitology CAN’92 2001+ScienceDirect

Toxicology (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Toxicology and Industrial Health (1992-2004)

Toxicology Letters (1992-1994) 1995+ScienceDirect

Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

Ultrastructural Pathology (1998 only….1999+ electronic subscription)

Vaccine (1992-1994) 1995+ ScienceDirect

Viral Immunology (1996-2004)

Virchows Archiv CAN’98 1998+SpringerLink

Vision Research CAN’98 1995+ScienceDirect

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