Student Support Librarian Program at UConn Health

August 2015

Welcome, Class of 2019

Student Support Librarian Program

Every student will be introduced to one of the Research & Instructional Services (RIS) librarians who can be the “go to” person for any questions you may have about library services or best sources of information. These highly-trained information specialists will provide you with information consulting, research assistance and educational training in medical literature searching and effective evaluation of clinical resources and patient care decision support tools. This program aims to better meet your medical information needs when and where you need.

Who are Student Support Librarians?

RIS librarians are:

  • Ms. Kathleen Crea (for medical students whose last names begin with A – F) 860-679-4054
  • Ms. Jenny Miglus (for medical students whose last names begin with G –L) 860-679-3200
  • Ms. Wendy Urciuoli (for medical students whose last names begin with M–R) 860-679-4047
  • Mr. Hongjie Wang (for medical students whose last names begin with S–Z) 860-679-4053
  • Ms. Marissa Gauthier (ALL dental students) 860-679-4052

For more information: call the UConn Health Library at 860-679-3808 or email

What can Student Support Librarians do for me?

Throughout the years, these librarians will provide one-on-one consulting services at your request and meet with you as often as you wish. They periodically notify you of new library resources and services and will answer your questions regarding library resources and services and assist you with finding information for your research.

What Student Support Librarians don’t do:

  • The Student Support Librarians won’t do a search for you (as a part of your clinical education is to become lifelong, expert searchers; however, they will work with you to provide guidance as to what to search using effective search strategies)
  • We won’t make photocopies or fax for you. For issues regarding computer trouble shooting, setting up e-mail or Blackboard accounts – our IT Help Desk is available at 679-4400 or contact Computer Education Center (CEC) staff at 679-8872.