Information and Education Services Mission Statement

UConn Health Center Library
Farmington, CT 06034-4003
phone (860)679-2942 - fax (860)679-1068

The mission of the Information Services department is to plan and provide public services that support the patient care, education and research objectives of the University of Connecticut Health Center. Public services provided by Information Services staff include reference consultation, expert mediated searching, bibliographic instruction and outreach program services.

Goal I

To design and deliver effective information services.

IS staff evaluate the information needs of its clientele and the ability of its information resources to meet those needs.

IS staff offer substantial support to researchers by using new technologies to organize, synthesize and filter scholarly information.

IS staff serve as system specialists or expert search intermediaries when accessing complex or unusual databases.

Goal II

To provide staff development programs and opportunities to meet the service goals of the department and to offer opportunities for career advancement. The IS department will offer orientation sessions for new staff members.

The IS department will plan inservices for other library staff members.

The information literacy of IS staff will be gauged through the use of incremental skill checklists.

As new products, services and systems are introduced, inservice training sessions will be planned and provided.

IS staff members are encouraged to partake in continuing education opportunities, within and outside the health center.

IS staff members are encouraged to read library literature.

IS staff broaden the ability of departmental personnel to meet changing needs and improve expertise through recruitment, training and continuing education.

Goal III

IS staff will continuously assess and monitor the quality of services offered.

Through the use of such tools as the suggestion box, reference e-mail, user surveys, evaluation reports, performance appraisals and the like, staff members will measure the quality of services offered.

IS staff will conduct studies on information-seeking behavior in order to improve library operations issues and in order to plan responsive information management education programs.

IS staff will gather data related to critical incidents for quality assurance and public relations purposes.

Goal IV

IS staff will form partnerships with various hospital departments to achieve informatics goals.

IS staff participate actively in institutional meetings and committees.

IS staff extend their partnership roles throughout the state of Connecticut and throughout the New England region by planning and implementing policies and proceduresrelated to the management of academic information and the coordinated use of technology.

In partnership with other library staff and computing personnel, IS staff provides leadership and guidance in the selection, development, application and distribution of information resources.

To establish a regular schedule of orientation sessions, bibliographic instruction and end user training.

To increase participation in institution-wide committees.

To meet with faculty staff and students on a regular basis to foster collaboration and cooperation.

Goal V

IS staff will position themselves to act as leaders in the fields of information management and education.

IS staff members design and provide instruction in the use of technology for accessing, collecting, managing and evaluating information resources.

IS staff promote, locate and network access to information resources.

IS staff design its information managment education programs to reflect technological changes.

IS staff meet the needs of specific clinical areas through targeted information services including synthesis of information from various sources, quality filtering and data transfer.

IS staff utilize appropriate technologies and methodologies to access information, regardless of format or location, and supplies that information to local and network sites.

Goal VI

To effectively promote the use of library services and to increase departmental revenues.

IS staff develop promotional materials and public relations programs that market library services.

IS staff produce print and electronic versions of publications that discuss and promote IS services.

IS staff offer orientations and promotional presentations related to the use of the library and future program planning.

IS staff promote local and network access to information resources.

Goal VII

To effectively manage the operations of the information services department including reference services, mediated searching, bibliographic instruction, staff development and program planning.