Literature Search Service

Information and Education Services librarians provide searches of the biomedical literature for both internal and external clientele including insurance companies, law firms, area hospitals and the general public. Request forms are available at the Reference Desk. You may also submit a request over the phone by calling (860) 679-2942.

Although twenty-four hours is the departmental standard for finishing searches, most searches are started immediately and completed within four working hours of departmental receipt. Actual times may vary depending on time of receipt, staff availability, system availability and the complexity of the search(es).

Basic Rates

The service is

  • FREE for patient-care related searches for UCHC faculty and researchers.
  • $10 base fee plus applicable charges (see below) for UCHC Faculty, Staff, students, Connecticut Hospitals, and State agencies.
  • $40 base fee plus applicable charges (see below) for all others.

Surcharges and Output Options

  • Bibliographic citation charges - $.75/each
  • RUSH service - $15 additional per topic "
  • E-mailing of results - no charge; please specify e-mail address
  • Faxing - $2/page
  • Express Mail - $15 additional plus actual mailing costs