The following is a list of recommended consumer health magazines, newsletters, and publication series.  Titles marked with a are indexed in MEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine's computer index of medical journal articles.

                                                      CONSUMER HEALTH MAGAZINES

Exceptional Parent Psy-Ed Corporation.  Monthly, 1 year (12 issues) $36.  For subscription information, call (800) EPARENT (800/372-7368)

  Practical, understanding advice for parents of children and young adults with disabilities. Ask-the-experts column. Table of   contents, article summaries, special reports, and highlights are online at Exceptional Parent website.

Health Time Publishing Ventures, P.O. Box 56863, Boulder CO 80322-6863. 1 year (10 issues) $12. Also available as a Tablet edition. For subscription information, call (800)274-2522.

  Readable, in-depth articles on topics such as breast cancer, exercise, current health topics; practical suggestions for healthy living for busy lifestyles. Includes food topics and recipes.



American Institute for Cancer Research Newsletter. American Institute for Cancer Research, 1759 R Street NW, Washington, DC 20009. Free. Quarterly. For informationon on their print subscription, call 800/843-8114. Request a free print subscription and email updates on the AICR site. Read online at

  Emphasis on cancer prevention through good nutrition. Practical suggestions for increasing healthy food in one's diet, realistic recipes for family and entertaining. Additional information on their website.

Harvard Health Letter P.O. Box 420300, Palm Coast, FL 32142-0030. 1 year (12 issues) $32. 

  Authoritative, interpretation of technical information.  Each issue focuses on several main topics.  Understandable writing style.

Harvard Heart Letter P.O. Box 420379, Palm Coast, FL 32142-0379. 1 year (12 issues)$32.  

  In-depth articles on current topics related to heart disease.

Harvard Men's Health Watch P.O. Box 420099, Palm Coast, FL 32142-8895. 1 year (12 issues) $32. 

  Focus on men's health concerns. Topics of current interest such as PSA testing, cardiac stress testing, weight loss.

Harvard Women's Health Watch P.O. Box 420234, Palm Coast, FL 32142-0234. 1 year (12 issues) $32. .

  A few, comprehensive articles monthly on women's health issues. Valuable, in-depth source.

Subscription information for Harvard publications and highlights from their issues may be found on the Harvard Health Publications website.

Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health after 50. PO Box 4200179. Palm Coast, FL, 32142. 1 year (12 issues) $15.00. To subscribe go to::  

Focus is on health concerns of those over 50. Information on new developments in medical care, nutrition, managing diseases and medical conditions.

Mayo Clinic Health Letter: reliable information for a healthier life. Published by the Mayo Foundation. 1 year (12 issues) $29.55.  For subscription information, call 800-333-9037. 

Very attractive and colorful.  Oriented to diseases and prevention.

Nutrition Action Health Letter Center for Science in the Public Interest, 1875 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20009. 1 year (10 issues) $24. For subscription information, call 800-291-1128

  Dynamite format with editorial zeal. Encourages readers to stay healthy through good nutrition. This is the organization that exposed the high fat content of movie theater popcorn and opposed the FDA approval of Olean, the fat substitute.

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