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Course Reserve Email - Books/AVs

Our email addreass is circ@nso.uchc.edu. Please include the following information:

Committee or course: *

Date of request:

Chairman of committee: *

Person placing material on reserve: *

Phone: *

Mail Code: First day of class: *

Examination date: *

Number of students in class:

The following book(s) will be placed on either Open+ or Closed++ Reserve for the duration of the Committee. If you need to request multiple items, simply change the information below and resend the email.

Book/AV Author: *

Book/AV Title: *

Publisher and Year of Publication:

UCHC Call Number:

Required text? Yes No*

Open or Closed Reserve: Open Closed*

Item with an * are required.

+ Open Reserve is located on the main floor of the library in the alcove near the photocopy room. This area contains the majority of material needed for the duration of a course. Open Reserve material is for “in Library use only” during the day w ith no restrictions.

++ Closed Reserve is located at the circulation desk and contains a selection of required material for the duration of a course. SPACE IS LIMITED. Material is checked out for 2 hours “in Library use only” during the day with a valid library card.

Both Open and Closed Reserve books can be checked out for overnight use two hours prior to the close of the library, with a valid library card, and must be returned within an hour after opening the next day.

Circulation Department

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