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The students selective is part of Phase 3 of the University of Connecticut medical school curriculum completed in the fourth year. Students work with an advisor to develop and carry out a project of particular interest. Some students choose to create some sort of a multimedia portion of their project of which CEC staff is available to assist with.

Title Student Name Advisor Year
A Computer Based Learning Module for General Psychiatry Michael Colon, MSIV Catherine Lewis, MD 2013
A Computer Based Tutorial on Substance Abuse John Mahler, MSIV Catherine Lewis, MD 2014
Abdominal CT Tutorial Tim Herbst, MS 2006 Dr. Moskowitz 2006
Abdominal Plain Film Radiograph Tutorial Stacey Pappas, MS2004 Dr. Moskowitz 2004
Acid Base Tutorial Timur Graham, MS 2006 Dr. Angus 2006
Ambulatory Sugery Rich Luzietti, MS 2005 2005
Anatomy and Radiology of the Lower Extremity James Rousseau, MS 2007 Dr. Moskowitz 2007
Anatomy and Radiology of the Upper Extremity Charu Sharma, MS 2007 Dr. Moskowitz 2007
A Student's Guide to Rheumatologic Disease & Joint Exams Vikram Shenoy, MS 4 Dr. John Waterman 2014
Chest Infections: A Novel Imaging Tutorial Rudi Barua, MS 4 Dr. Judy Lewis 2009
COPD Tutorial - MAX Medicine Jenna Koliani MSIV Ellen O. Nestler, MD 2012
Coronary Artery Elliot Wasser, MS2005 Dr. Moskowitz 2005
CT EMS Scope of Practice Tutorial Brian Marcks, MS 2013 Dr. Kamin 2013
CT Imaging of the Chest Greg Wrubel, MS 2006 Dr. Moskowitz 2006
Developmental Milestones: A Video Tutorial Margaret Kloby, MS IV Dr. Fred Bogin 2010
Echocardiography: An Introduction to Reading Echocardiograms and
Commonly Encountered Pediatric Cardiac Anomalies
Molly Naples, MSIV Dr. Dan Henry 2012
The Efficacy of Online Learning in US Medical Students Si Hyung (David) Woo, MSIV Dr. Thomas Regan 2013
Heart Stoppers: EKG Tutorial Rebecca Andrews, MS 2002 Dr. Henry 2002
Herbal and dietary supplement use for cardiovascular health in
the primary care setting: An evidence-based, simulated patient
encounter online learning module
Virginia Cody Mary Guerrera, MD 2012
How To Triage A Patient in Labor Briana Jackson and Rachel Billstrom Dr. Walter Trymbulak 2012
ICAM Approach to Back Pain Alex Kay, MS 2005 Dr. Guerrera 2005
ICAM Approach to the Common Cold Alex Kay, MS 2005 Dr. Guerrera 2005
ICAM Approach to Depression Alex Kay, MS 2005 Dr. Guerrera 2005
Integrative Medicine Website Amy Tolsdorf, MSIV Advisor: Mary Guerrera, MD 2009
Interactive Neuropsychiatric Computer Based Module to Better Understand Vascular Brain Injury Aubri Gillespie, MS 4 Advisor: Dr. Catherine Lewis 2014
Introduction to Plain Film Chest Radiology Mirna Mohanraj, MS 2003 Advisor: Dr. Moskowitz 2003
Involuntary Commitment Tutorial Kaitlin Sanzone, MSIV Advisor: Catherine Lewis, MD 2013
Lactation Education in the Third Year of Medical School Sarah Elliott, MSIV Dr. Christopher Morosky 2014
Learning Child Neurology Kasia Koziol-Dube, MS 2009 Dr. Francis DiMario 2009
Learning Urology Online For Medical Students Maria Voznesensky MSIV Dr. Carl Gjertson 2010
Malignancy and Diet:Correlation between breast cancer & diet Eric Addo, MSIV Alex Merkulov, MD 2013
Mariann Nocera's Selective Project Mariann Nocera Anton Alerte, MD 2010
MAX Medicine tutorial in type II diabetes Shubha Venkatesh, MSIV Ellen O. Nestler, MD 2011
MAX Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology Learning Objectives Monique Meyer, MS 2007 Dr. Algranati 2007
Opportunities for Improvement in Patient Care Elizabeth Herrle, MS 4 Dr. Bruce Gould, MD 2010
Pain Management in Chronic Illness and Acute Exacerbations Juliet Georgetti, MS 4 Dr. Lynn Kosowicz 2009
Pam's Dilemma - Menopause Case Aleagia Mercer-Falkoff, MS 2006 Dr. Guerrera 2006
Preoperative Evaluation Bernardo Medina, MS 2005 Dr. Gross 2005