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Outlook 2010: Student email setup

Web access to email is available via:

Select the Microsoft Outlook 2010 icon, and the Outlook Account Setup launches.

  1. You are asked to Configure an Email Account. Click Yes and Next
  2. .

  3. Select Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types. Click Next.

  4. Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service. Click on Next.

  5. Under Server: type in
    Uncheck Use Cashed Exchange Mode
    Under User Name: type in your UCHC username
    Click on Check Name, make sure your name shows correctly
    Click on Next

  6. Once you see the following screen, click on Finish.

    Images contained in this document are the copyright of Microsoft Corporation and the UConn Health Center Library.

    S. Bai and K. Moss Solomon 2/13