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Username & Password

Username & Password

Your UConn Health domain username and password will allow you access to your school issued laptop, Blackboard, UConn Health desktop computers, McAfee Endpoint Encryption, email, etc.

Password Requirements

Change Your Account Password

Expired Password

If your password is expired you will need to set a new password for your domain account. Please review the Change Your Account Password instructions above to set a new password for your account. If your password is expired you will not be able to access Blackboard, UConn Health email, the UConn Health wireless network and other UConn Health resources until you change your password. Please pay attention to when your password is going to expire so as to avoid not being able to access UConn Health resources.

Can I Check When My Password Will Expire?
Yes, open this web page with Internet Explorer while on the UConn Health campus and click the link to the right: Check Password Expiration Date

Help! My Password Is Expired And I Can't Make It To The UConn Health Campus
If your password is expired and you can't make it to the UConn Health campus you can change your expired password by using the Outlook Web expired password link or the UConn Health remote access system.

Account Lockout

Accounts are locked out after 3 invalid logon attempts. Once an account is locked it is locked out for 5 minutes. To unlock an account you may wait 5 minutes and try to logon again or contact the IT Help Desk at (860) 679-4400.

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