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Windows 7 Exam Power Options

Make sure your laptop is set with the following power options before starting an electronic exam.

  1. Open Control Panel
  1. Select Power Options

    Note: If you don't see Power
    Options listed you may need
    to change your view from
    category to large or small
    icon view located toward the
    top right corner of your window
  1. Select the Exam power plan

    Note: If you don't see the
    "Exam" power plan, click on
    "Show additional plans"
    and see if the "Exam"
    power plan appears. If the "Exam"
    power plan does not appear, please see the
    troubleshooting information below.

Please reset your power settings, from Exam to your desired power setting, after leaving the exam.


You must use Internet Explorer and a computer running Windows to setup the Windows 7 Exam Power Plan
B. Smith 08/11, modified N. Mainelli 8/15