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Changing Your Password Using Outlook Web Access (UCHC Internet Email)

  1. Login to your email
  1. Click Options
  1. Click Change Password in the left column
  2. Enter your old password
  3. Enter your new password twice
  4. Click Save
  1. You will see a confirmation that your
    password has been changed.
  2. Click OK
  1. Login to your email with your new password
  1. Bring your laptop to the UCHC campus to ensure your laptop and the McAfee Endpoint Encryption software is now using your new password.
    Windows 7: Sync McAfee Endpoint Encryption-Blue Background
    Windows 7: Sync McAfee Endpoint Encryption v.6-Red Background with Husky Picture
    Windows XP: Sync McAfee Endpoint Encryption

    If you do not do follow the steps above, your laptop and the encryption software will use your old password while other UCHC resources will use your new password.

Need Assistance?

Students may contact CEC staff for assistance during staffed hours.
After staffed hours, students will need to contact the IT Help Desk at (860) 679-4400

Employees may contact the IT Help Desk for assistance at (860) 679-4400