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Scanning X-Rays and Radiographs Using Microtek Scan Software

  1. Go to the CECScanner Station (attached to the Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL Scanner).
  1. Click on the Microtek ScanMaker 1000XL Scanner located on the desktop.
  1. The Microtek Scan Wizard Pro Screen opens.
  1. The next windows opens with three options: Overview, Prescan, and Batch. Select Prescan.




  1. You will receive a notification that the scanner is calibrating. Please wait for the scanning to begin.

  1. To save the scan, go to the top menu, and click on Batch.

  1. When the scan is complete, you will be notified with a prompt showing completion. Click Done.

  1. The default saving location is in the Scans folder on the C: drive.

N.Mainelli 2/16