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PDF Scanning Using HP Scan Software

  1. Go to the PC Development Station (attached to the HP Scanjet 8270 Scanner).
  1. Click on the HP Scanner Icon Located on the desktop.
  1. The HP Scan Solution Center Window opens; Choose the Scan a document options.
  1. Click the change settings tab, and make sure these options are selected.








5.Scan shortcut=Document to PDF file ;Output Type= black and white or Grayscale; File Type=PDF (*.pdf).


  1. Once all these settings are OK, Click Scan to launch the scan
  1. Check Make sure File Type= PDF (*.pdf), and save location is where you want to save file. Then click OK
  1. Scanning begins, then send file to selected destination.
  1. Finalizing before ending session.

N.Mainelli 8/15