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Address Label Printers

CEC Scanners

Scanning Documents

  1. Click on Epson Scan.
  1. The screen prompts you to choose the correct scanner model. Look at the scanner's model information on the machine and choose appropriately.
  1. Please make sure that the document mat is attached to the underside of the scanner lid.
  1. For a normal document scan, please choose the following settings in the dialog boxes

    • Mode: Home Mode
      Document Type: Various Options (Photo, Newspaper etc.)
      Resolution: 300 dpi

  1. Go to Preview Settings Box.

    • Click on the pull down arrow.
      Change the setting from Thumbnail to Normal.

  1. Click Preview to start the scan.

  1. If you are satisfied with the preview, click Scan.
  1. If you would like to save the file as a PDF
    • Change the settings to:
      File Name Prefix: PDF
      Image Format Type: PDF
      Click OK.

  1. The scanning begins.
  1. When the scan is complete, click on Save File. If you need to add more pages, click Add Page.
  1. Close the Preview window before saving the file. You will receive a warning when you try to close the Preview Window. Click OK to continue.
  1. After the scan is complete, you will receive a prompt that Epson Scan will close.
  2. Click Save File
N.Mainelli 8/15