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Address Label Printers

CEC Printers


The Computer Education Center has 5 printers for student curricular use. Four printers are located in the CEC while the fifth printer is located in the Shafer Study space. All five printers are black and white printers so they will not print in color. If you need a document printed in color please consult the main circulation desk of the library on how to use the library color printer. All five printers also have the ability to print double sided.

How To Print In The CEC

The Computer Education Center uses the Pharos Uniprint print management system. The Pharos system is installed on computers in the Computer Education Center and may also be installed on student laptop for curricular printing. Pharos printing is a two step process. First, the print job is sent to the Pharos print management system. Second the user releases the print job from the Pharos print management system to the printer where it is printed out. Please see the documentation below for help with using the Pharos print management system.

How to print using Pharos (Windows)
Pharos FAQs
Pharos installation for laptops

Printing Tips

How To Print Double-Sided (Windows)

Use print button in browser
How to print multiple pages per sheet (PDF)

Print PowerPoint slides as pure black and white
Print multiple PowerPoint slides per page

Slow Printing
• PDF: Try using the print button in the browser rather than selecting print from the file menu
• PowerPoint: Try printing slides as pure black and white
• Print Driver: Try switching print drivers