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Address Label Printers

CEC Printers

How To Print Using Pharos (Windows)

  1. Print as you normally would
    (select print from the file menu)
  1. Select the desired printer

    Printer 1:
    CEC01 - PCL5
    CEC01 - PS

    Printer 2:
    CEC02 - PCL5
    CEC02 - PS

    Printer 3:
    CEC03 - PCL5
    CEC03 - PS

    Printer 4:
    CEC04 - PCL5
    CEC04 - PS

    Study Room Printer:
    libStudy - PCL5
    libStudy - PS

  2. Click Print
  1. Enter a user name
  2. Enter a password
  3. Click Print
  1. Go to a Pharos Release Station

    Note: (3 release stations are
    located in the CEC, while the 4th is
    located in the Shafer Study Rooms)

  2. Move the mouse
    (this will login to the station)

    Note: If the station is already
    logged in then click the Logoff
    or Refresh button
    (See Step 12)
  1. Select the job(s) you sent
  2. Click Print
  1. Enter the password
    you used earlier
    (Step 5)
  1. Click the Logoff button
N. Mainelli 8/15