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Pharos FAQs

  1. When I sent a job to print, I am prompted for a username and password.
    What information should I enter?


    You can use any number or character as a username and password (it is not tied to your e-mail or Blackboard account.

    Passwords are case sensitive - please make sure the CAPS LOCK button is not on at the release station.
  1. I sent my job to print, but I don't see it listed on any of the monitors.


    Click the Logoff button in the lower left corner. That will refresh the page. Your job should now appear.

    Print jobs only remain in the system for 1 hour after which they are deleted. If it has been longer than an hour since you sent your print job then you will need to resend it.

    Please contact CEC staff if your are experiencing problems.
  1. Which monitor do I need to check after I sent my job?


    You may release any job from any of the monitors. We suggest using the one that is closest to the printer you sent your job to.

    All of the print release stations show all jobs that are waiting to be released to print. Any difference in the information that you see is because the page needs to be refreshed (see Question 2).
  1. I forgot which printer I sent my job to. How can I tell which printer my job printed to?


    When you release your job to print there is a job status line that states which printer the job was sent to.

    Ex. Job printed on Pharos Printer CEC 01 PS. Command Successful
  1. Is printing available on a 24-hour basis?


    Yes, the Shafer Study Room area has its own release station.

    You will need to select the Uniprint-libStudy-PCL6 or Uniprint-libStudy-PS printer when the library is closed.
  1. I sent the same job twice by mistake, but I only released one job. What happens to the other job?


    The unreleased job will stay in the print queue for 1 hour. If the job is not released before the end of that hour, it will drop out of the print queue and not print.

    There is no need to cancel the job. Print waste is minimized.
  1. How can I minimize the amount of time I spend waiting for my documents to print?


    Assign the same password to multiple jobs.Using this method, you will only need to go to the release station once to release your jobs.

    At the release station, click and hold down the Control Key to select the jobs that you want to print. Click Print.

    Please bear in mind that jobs are in the print queue for 1 hour only.
  1. What is the difference between the printers using Uniprint-PCL6 and Uniprint-PS?


    In general, the PCL6 driver is better at handling text-based documents while the PS driver is better at processing graphics, PDFs and PowerPoint slides. However, that is not always the case.

    Bottom-line: If the printer is taking forever to print your job and you sent the job using the PCL6 driver then cancel your print job and resend it using the PS driver, or vice-versa.
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