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Handheld Software
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Android Wireless Setup

**Please note: This a generic pictorial depicting the wireless setup on an Android device. Some Android device setups may vary depeding upon the manufacturer.

  1. Tap Apps
  1. Tap Settings
  1. Under Settings, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on. Tap on WiFi.
  1. Select UCHC-WIFI.
  1. Enter user name in the identity space. (Ex. jdoe)
    You may leave the anonymous identity space blank.
  2. Enter password

    Note: Your user name (identity) and
    password are your UConn Health
    domain user name and
    password. This is the
    username and password that you
    would use to log on
    to UConn Health computers or check your
    UConn Health email
  1. Tap Connect.
  1. You may receive a notice if you have not selected a pin
    to lock your screen before storing your credentials. Tap OK.
  1. If you have not selected a lock screen pin, you will need to select a pin.
    Enter your pin. Tap Continue when done.
  1. Confirm your pin. Tap OK.
  1. You will be notified when you are successfully connected to the UCHC-WIFI wireless network.
N. Mainelli 12/12 ; Updated 8/15