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Omnio - iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Installation

Note: You must have an iTunes account in order to install apps on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

For instructions about How to Setup an iTunes account without a Credit Card, Gift Card or PayPal, click Here.
  1. Open the App Store
  1. Tap Search
  2. Type "omnio" in the
    search box
  1. Tap the cloud to install
  1. Tap Open
  1. Tap Sign In
  1. If you currently have a Skyscape account, sign in with your Skyscape credentials.
  1. To create a new Omnio account: Tap on Create a new account
    Enter your email address and create a password. Check the box that says,
    I have read and accept the license agreement and privacy notice. Click Next.
  1. Enter your Country and Profession
  1. Please enter your Address, City, Sate and Zip Code.
    Tap Start Using Omnio.
  1. Any previous Skyscape applications that you may have had, are stored
    in the Library folder on Omnio.
    Archimedes and Dynamed are stored there, if you had a Skyscape account.
    Notice: Archimedes has been renamed Medical Calculator 360.
    Medical Calculator 360 comes pre-installed when you install Omnio.

  1. If you would like to pin the Medical Calculator to the Front Page of your Omnio Library,
    please click on the plus (+) sign.

  2. The Add to Page window opens. Select Front Page.
N. Mainelli 7/15