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Lexi-Select - Windows Mobile Installation

Part II - Existing Lexi Account Users

Part I - Creating A Lexi Account       Part II - Existing Lexi Account Users       Part III - Installing The Lexi Readers       Part IV: Using Lexi
  1. Log in to your Lexi account
  1. Click "My Account"
    (upper right corner)
  1. Select PDA Downloads
    (from the My Account menu)
  1. Click "Proceed to Lexi-Connect
  1. Click Download Now

    If you are asked to open
    or save a .jnlp file -
    select open and click OK

  1. Enter your user name and password
  2. Click Connect
  1. The files begin to download
  1. Create shortcut - Click Yes
  1. The updating process begins

    Red: The database needs updating

    Green: The database is current
  1. Download Successful - Click OK
  2. Part III: Installing the Lexi Readers
N. Mainelli 10/08, Updated, B. Smith 07/10