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Essential Evidence Plus - Windows Mobile Installation

Part I - Installing EEP

  1. Visit the Essential Evidence Plus web page
  1. Locate "Alternate Downloads"
  1. Click on Pocket PC
  1. Click on
    "Download Essential Evidence
    Plus for Pocket PC (without Updater)"
  1. Click on the Information Bar
    (when it appears)
  2. Select Download File
  1. Click Run
  1. The file will download
  1. Click Run
  1. The installation will continue
  1. Click Next
  1. The installation will continue

  1. Click OK
  1. Turn to your handheld screen
  2. Tap Yes
  1. Select where you'd like to
    install Essential Evidence Plus.

    Recommended: Storage Card

    It is recommended that you install
    programs to your Storage Card (if
    you have one) so that you don't
    use up your handheld storage.
  2. Tap Install
  1. The files will be installed
  1. Click ok
  1. Turn to computer screen
  2. Click Finish
  3. Part II: Registering EEP
B. Smith 07/10