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Archimedes - iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Installation

Note: You must have an iTunes account in order to install apps on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

For instructions about How to Setup an iTunes account without a Credit Card, Gift Card or PayPal, click Here.
  1. Open the App Store
  1. Tap Search
  1. Type "skyscape" in the
    search box
  2. Locate and tap "skyscape"
  1. Tap "Skyscape Medical Resources"
  1. Tap Free
  1. Tap Install
  1. Enter your iTunes password
  2. Tap OK
  1. Skyscape will install

    Note: The icon will no longer
    read "Installing..." when it is
    finished installing.
  1. Tap Skyscape
  1. Read the disclaimer
  2. Tap Accept
  1. Tap Create New Account

    Note: If you already have a
    Skyscape account you may
    skip to step 18.
  1. Enter required information
  2. Tap Create Account
  1. Tap Continue
  1. Enter email (from step 15)
  2. Enter password (from step 15)
  3. Tap Continue
  1. Make sure "Skyscape
    Archimedes Medical
    Calculator" is checked.
  2. Check any extra resources
    you may want to install
  3. Tap Download
  1. Skyscape resources will download
  1. Archimedes will appear in Skyscape

    Note: If you do not see the
    picture on the right then tap
    Home (in Skyscape) at the
    bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap Archimedes
B. Smith 06/10