Size of the UCHC Library Collection
July 2016

Often UCHC faculty, staff and students request information about the size of the Library's collection for a variety of department/program related questionnaires. The table below shows the extent of the collection, by format. If you have specific questions related to the depth of the collection in a specific subject area, please contact the Library.

Print Books 30,198
Electronic Books 2270
Current Journal Subscriptions 1444
Access to Electronic Journals 52,928
Audiovisual 2178
Software titles 255
Bound Journal Volumes about 150,000

The Library provides access to print and electronic materials in the biomedical sciences including books, journals, audiovisuals and computer software. These materials support the educational, research, clinical and service programs of the faculty, staff and students of the UConn Health.

All titles in the collection are searchable by using OneSearch. The online catalog includes a full description of the item, its location, how the item is shelved and status for books, AVs and software or volume holdings for journals, and password or proxy access for restricted materials.

BOOK STACKS: The general circulating collection of books in the clinical sciences are located on two levels of the library, arranged by subject and call number. Books for basic sciences and Oversize editions are shelves on the upper floor. Recent editions of core medical textbooks are shelved in the Permanent Reserve section at the Information Desk. The non-circulating Reference Collection can be found on the main level of the library.

HISTORY OF MEDICINE: The History of Medicine room, located on the upper level of the library, contains a small collection of rare medical books and other historic works on the history of medicine.Current historical works are included in the general collection.

AUDIOVISUALS: The library collects audiovisuals in a variety of formats including CDs and DVDs. These are shelved upstairs.

COMPUTER SOFTWARE: A wide variety of non-circulating biomedical computer software is available which supports the curricular and professional activities of UCHC faculty and students. Computer software is located in the Computer Education Center on the main level of the library.

JOURNALS: The library collects English language biomedical journals, series and other prebound titles. Efforts were made when the library was established to collect the full run of several titles; therefore this collection contains 19th century materials. Journals are shelved alphabetically by title, in three locations, according to the year of publication. The most current five years of a title are shelved on the main floor with the older years of a title shelved, in two locations, on the lower level of the library.

ELECTRONIC COLLECTIONS: Each year more resouces are puchased for online access; these include journals, texts, newspapers, digital slides and databases.

LEISURE COLLECTION: The library maintains a small collection of circulating popular books on the main floor of the library.